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X times the power, X times the fun!

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Mac OS X
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X times the power, X times the fun!

Welcome to the Mac OS X Community! Our purpose is to aide all levels of users in making The World's Most Advanced Operating System an easier, more productive, more useful, and more entertaining experience. All questions, comments, and discussion of Mac OS X, related to Mac OS X, and of Mac OS X-capable hardware is welcome in macosx.

Please familiarize yourself with the basic Community Rules before you join/post. Thank you!

Current maintainers/moderators:

ibrad (maintainer; contact via AIM or journal)
fanless/suckability (maintainer, moderator; contact via e-mail or AIM)

If you have a community issue, please first visit the Community Rules, and if you still need to report something, use the above list in chronological order, and please only contact maintainers and moderators via their specified contact preferences. Do not comment on their personal journals about community issues.

If interested in maintainership/moderatorship, contact the above in chronological order.

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Learn more about the most amazing operating system (truly) to grace the planet and how to make it even cooler at the following great sites:

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