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serious help needed panther + fink - user deletion - X times the power, X times the fun!
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serious help needed panther + fink - user deletion
I installed the latest version of fink for OSX. This morning I thought I would install various packages ie, e, gnome, wget, system-xtools. Because some of these packages need to run as their own specific users, fink noticed saying new users/groups needed to be created and if old users/groups already existed with the same names, they would be overwritten.

I opened up another shell to su to find out that my uid had been turned to 501. I checked out users in netinfo and all of my previous users disapeared only to find the new ones created by fink.

The kicker? If I go to system preferences and accounts, there's nothing there(as in its a completely blank page without text).

Did I miss something? I've installed previous versions of fink with the same packages before without any problems. Could this be a problem with the current version? This is really BAD.

At the end, it says 'merging user and group info' except it deleted all previous users including my own account :/

Wget: (wget). The non-interactive network downloader.
install-info(/sw/share/info/wget.info): creating new section `Net Utilities'

Setting up passwd (20020329-1) ...

The following user entries will be added to your NetInfo database:
news:*:250:250::0:0:News Server:/dev/null:/dev/null
mysql:*:251:251::0:0:MySQL Database Server:/dev/null:/dev/null
pgsql:*:252:252::0:0:PostgreSQL Database Server:/dev/null:/dev/null
games:*:253:253::0:0:Game Files Owner:/dev/null:/dev/null
canna:*:254:254::0:0:Canna Japanese Input Server:/dev/null:/dev/null
postfix:*:255:255::0:0:Postfix Mail Transfer Agent:/sw/var/spool/postfix:/dev/null
tomcat:*:257:257::0:0:Tomcat Servlet Engine:/sw/var/tomcat4:/dev/null
jabber:*:258:258::0:0:Jabber Messaging Server:/dev/null:/dev/null

The following group entries will be added to your NetInfo database:

Existing entries with these names or numbers will be overwritten or
otherwise affected by this. On the other hand, some Fink packages will
not work unless these entries are in the NetInfo database. You can make
adjustments to the files /sw/etc/passwd-fink and
/sw/etc/group-fink now (from another window), then say yes here. Or
you can say no here and add the users and groups manually (e.g. on your
central NetInfo server). If you don't know what all of this just say yes.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y

Merging user info...
Merging group info...

Any idea on how I fix this? if it was just for the users missing it would not be too bad but the whole account create portion of osx is missing.
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ikkyu2 From: ikkyu2 Date: November 4th, 2003 12:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
The bug is detailed on the fink website's front page.

They provide suggestions for working around it, but no way to fix it. Which is why it's such a good thing that you made a backup before fiddling around with low-level system architecture things.

..you *DID* make a backup, right?
From: cypress Date: November 4th, 2003 03:41 pm (UTC) (Link)

fink & osx problem

Actually, that was posted after I spoke to some of the fink support goes on freenode.net. Until I posted here, they apparently had no good info to go on besides people reporting the symptoms but not what caused it. After we talked and I gave them more info, they put a notice on the site.

It turns out that if you installed the 0.6.0-full package(which was beta for panther), sources.list in /sw/etc/apt pointed to the wrong directory and ultimately the wrong passwd app. It pointed to the release or current dir instead of 10.3/release or 10.3/current.

If you installed 0.6.1 binary, you will be fine.

There is a fix for it, though not the best.


Someone after the fact reminded me that netinfo is backup every morning at 3:15AM so instead of deleting the whole directory, you should be able to backup from that file.
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